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Credit Card Tracker

We can help credit card companies fight fraud. Let’s say you’re in a restaurant in London, and you’re using your credit card to pay the bill. If the credit card company flags the transaction as possible fraud, instead of cancelling the transaction they can check our location database and we can confirm that you are at that restaurant in London. Clearly this is probably not fraud and every one is happy that the transaction clears in real time with out a hiccup.

Where Are You -- Delivery Tracker

Don't pay silly money to see where your vehicle is use our WAY app (Where Are You) The app is free so go ahead and download it from the app store. You can register the phone as a premium tracker and we will give you access to a Web GUI dashboard so you can see all sorts of details about your deliveries. And its only $5.00 a year per driver. Let your customers see where that delivery is in real time.

If you're a trucking company and you need to know where your vehicles and drivers are, simply log in to our website and you can see your trucks moving toward their destination in real time. Nothing more is needed than a normal smart phone with our Geo-Mobile App installed. That's it. You'll need to register your company with us, couldn't be simpler and it’s free for companies with less than 10 registered users.