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How it Works

Our goal at Geo-Mobile is to use the sensors built into today's mobile devices intelligently. To provide relevant information to the user based on the data gathered from the mobile device. Using the location co-ordinates of a mobile device we can provide a number of useful services.

And we do all this without burning battery life. Our App works with our servers to minimise the use of functionality that is heavy on the battery so your customers and users will be happy with our app. We want them to feel that the benefits provided by our App far outweigh the decrease in battery life they might experience.

Credit Card Tracker ...

We can help credit card companies fight fraud. Let’s say you’re in a restaurant in London, and you’re using your credit card to pay the bill. If the credit card company flags the transaction as possible fraud, instead of cancelling the transaction they can check our location database and we can confirm that you are at that restaurant in London. Clearly this is probably not fraud and every one is happy that the transaction clears in real time with out a hiccup.

Fleet Tracker ...

If you’re a trucking company and you need to know where your vehicles and drivers are, simply log in to our website and you can see your trucks moving toward their destination in real time. Nothing more is needed than a normal smart phone with our Geo-Mobile App installed. That's it. You'll need to register your company with us, couldn't be simpler and it’s free for companies with less than 10 registered users.

Hyper-Local Advertising ...

If you’re a retailer and want to send relevant marketing materials to users based on their location, then add the Geo-Mobile SDK to your own app and your almost ready. We provide you with a web based Marketing Content Management system so that you can manage your own content. You can send a user discount coupons; deals for your retailer outlets in the surrounding area; or deals relevant to the users’ location at a specific time.

Insurance Tracker ...

Let’s say an insurance company would like to know if you’re a good driver. We can tell them if you’re heavy on the accelerator and regularly break the speed limit. Great if you’re a good driver because your insurance premium might come down. Not so good if you’re a “boy racer”!

Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty Programmes can include our SDK into the build of their own app. This will allow them to target their marketing intelligently based on users behaviour or location to ensure that delivered deals are relevant to the user thus increasing take up.

Personal Tracker ...

Worried about your family or friends? You can log into our website and see where they are and know where they are and where they have been.

Phone Theft Tracker

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen we can track it. Even if the SIM is taken out of the phone the next time the phone goes on line the position of the phone will be tracked and you will get an email telling you where the phone is.

Vehicle Tracker

Manufactures can use our SDK to build our tracking software right into the computer of the vehicle, using the VIN to register the vehicle on our servers. Whenever the computer goes on line then the position of the vehicle will be tracked on-line real time to enable swift recovery.

The Future ...

In the future the location device will be something we purchase and stick on any thing of value, and we will be there when you want to track your valuables.