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Hyper Local Advertising

Download and install the Retail mobile app onto your mobile device. Load the app. That's it. No registration, nothing. When ever you are close to a location that has a great deal, you will get a message. The offer might be a discount voucher, a 2 for 1 offer, a free drink – anything. Save it, delete it or use it. Simple.

Whenever a potential buy with our app comes within a GeoFence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geo-fence) you have an opportunity to send a message to the users’ app. This can be any media and can be virtually anything that you want. At its simplest it's probably a discount voucher. Either way, you manage the content from our Campaign Management website. You define the content and manage your ad/message inventory down to individual store level. Each store can have their own special deals. These deals can be available on specific days and at specific times at specific stores. You define the GeoFence, its location and its diameter and its applicability. One store can have one deal and the next store another. All defined and managed from our Campaign Management web site. All you have to do is add our apps SDK into your own app, register with us and your off and running.