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About Us

We are a team of dedicated IT professionals that come from a diverse back ground. We can count some of the largest corporations in the world as our past customers. Companies such as HSBC, Investec, Close Brothers, Julius Baer, Schroders, Chubb Insurance and we even have a guy that worked for NASA. We are well qualified to meet, we believe, any IT task. We are now specialising in utilising the Cloud and open technology to build….well anything that’s tough, fun, presents a challenge and maybe eventually might make us some money. Bottom line is we still get a kick out of delivering IT solutions that work. We are still learning, guess that will always be the case. Once you cut through some of the BS out there, there is some great stuff to work with. Hey, we have years in IT and let us tell you its hard for us to separate the Wood from the Trees, so it got to be even tougher for you. No wonder so many IT projects go over budget and even fail. We have seen them! And no they don’t listen when your telling them “Hey that won’t work”, it never ceases to amaze us how much money people throw at stuff to find that out. If you have something interesting and tough give us a call. We don’t do mundane, call some one else.
It always seems impossible until its done!