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We develop and deliver great Apps for the Sharing Economy that leverage on Smart Mobile Device capability such as GPS. We build on our technology platform.
We are masters of GPS. Our Geo-Fence triggers are at the heart of most everything we do, they are the key to our capabilities.
We have built into our servers time capabilities to trigger when at user enters a Geo Fence. Enhancing the features of our Geo-Fences.
We can trigger based on an Activity such as, running, walking, driving, stuck in traffic, calling a taxi, waiting for a delivery. We leverage on GPS, accelerometers, Googe Maps and so on.
Welcome and Hi to Geo Mobile

At Geo-Mobile we all have a basic belief that smart mobile devices are the new PC’s, that the cloud gives us the ability to use big data and that databases, NoSQL & SQL are only tools that we use to meet the requirements of our objectives. We have built and are utilizing cutting edge cloud based infrastructures that allows us the freedom to scale globally virtually infinitely. We are using this Sharing Economy platform on many of our live apps, for example. www.icabz.net and www.way-app.net

We have a team of highly qualified IT experts that can meet any requirements. We are currently working on:
Offender Tracking: www.ontrak.me
Patient in home vital signs monitoring: www.emedix.co.uk
Automated Stock Market Trading Platform, Gambling Progressive betting system, Delivery Tracking, hey, where is my pizza.

Call us if you have a challenge and you want to target the Peer to Peer cababilites of our Sharing Economy technology platform.
It always seems impossible until it's done